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What We Do

​We are currently creating a range of products for blind and visually impaired individuals. Serious visual impairment affects over 100 million people worldwide, impacting learning, workforce participation, and contributing to social isolation, depression and other health issues.

The options and tools available for visually impaired people are few and in many cases expensive. Our goal is to bring affordable assistive technologies to the many sufferers of visual impairment for whom existing solutions are out of reach.


Who We Are

Unwired Things is a Danish company dedicated to creating simple, affordable solutions to everyday problems with users at the center of our design approach.

The company was founded in 2020 by Craig Scott with the vision of taking Internet of Things technologies and applying them in new ways to improve quality of life for ordinary people.

We draw on the latest advances in technology to make it more affordable and flexible, with usability and sustainability thought into everything we do.

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